Subscription FAQs

Building Permits Real Time including Mechanics Lien Agent Notices Building Permits Sales Leads Real Time Mechanics Liens Issued and Released
Reports are available for purchase without a subscription on our shopping cart, currently names products. You can purchase building permits sales leads, by the county by the month; after the collection month has completely ended. Annual Trend Reports by the region; Annual Building Permit Reports and Mechanics Liens Reports are also available for purchase after the year has completely ended. Visit our website and click on Products to view shopping cart items:
Our subscription is based on annual billing cycles. Subscriptions are activated upon payment receipt and runs for 1 full year of that date. Annual renewals continue from that point.
Each Account may have as many as 5 users each will be supplies a login and password
Unlimited use of website for the regions and services you are subscribing to. Current move forward and 3 years of previous history residential and commercial details The availability to print one record for entire reports Sort or Custom searches Print Mechanics Lien Notices *note this pertains to Building Permits + Mechanics Agent Notice service Excel spreadsheet that can be viewed and exported from your Welcome Page. Email alerts when new data has been posted to the website for your region(s) of subscription. Free trend reports ,that track construction trends by the month or by quarter Customer support: For samples:
Checks made payable and mailed to Building Permits-VA 425 Elm Ave # 3 Roanoke VA 24016, for immediate subscription credit cards taken by phone (540) 632-1045 completed by subscriber
We collect data from 16 local offices in Virginia and all of Maryland Visit our interactive site for details
Building Permits VA/MD has been in business over 26 years and is a member of the Roanoke Valley Builders Association.
Building Permits-VA 425 Elm Ave # 3 Roanoke VA 24016 (540) 632-1045