Lori_Reed_Building_Permits_VirginiaLori Reed developed Building Permits VA after discovering a niche with building permit data collection that was not being fulfilled as well as the importance of Mechanics Lien Agents and their roll in VA Construction Law. Having previously worked in for a statewide commercial bid publication and company, Lori has extensive knowledge in construction research and the phases of the process as well as how it is used by construction oriented companies.

Lori’s philosophy in life is that “principal does not always get you the result you are looking for…”.

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Kathy Helm is a veteran of the construction industry and has a diverse background that encompasses sales, marketing, management and recruiting.

As co-owner Kathy played a critical role in growing Building Permits-VA from a small market business into a major construction publication company covering VA and MD. Kathy’s approach is hands-on with a goal of client growth and success.

Kathy lives and works with a simple philosophy “treat others like you want to be treated”.

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