Building Permits have an Economic impact, and usually precede outlays for construction, employment, financing and even furnishings, they are often a leading indicator for developments in the rest of the economy, and are very essential in business operations. Regardless of your position in your company, details from building permits will benefit you.

Take the hassle out of tracking down a contractor. Our database provides contact information, and where to visit contractors on the job site, type/size of construction project and amount of money they have to spend. Part of building permits lends itself to providing the mechanics lien agent if designated on the permit. Subscribers enjoy the interactive process and enjoy the protection and faster turn around on their investment.

Building Permits-VA collects data from your town/county and government location on a regular basis. Rotations and frequency is based on the availability of the information from the permit location. Trained abstractors are stationed in regions collecting raw information and facts using a uniform method. The collection goes through another process, are approved, and then quickly expedited to the website weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Dollar volume is based on markets. Urban regions start at $50,000 and rural regions at $35,000. Subscribers receive an email alert about the fresh data being posted on the website.

Building permits are free! The notion of free information sounds good, but working your way through the maze of government regulations can certainly be one of the most confusing aspects of doing business. Having your employee’s go through stacks of papers, trying to find what you need, expending time and gas running to all the permit locations, only to find they are closed or you forgot the hours. However, it is essential for your success in the long run. Building Permits-VA does it all for you.

Building Permits-VA knows that getting the data to subscribers is crucial. We pay local, state and government locations, file Freedom of Information(FOIA) to obtain copies, compile the information, then pull other facts and information together to make each record complete. We specify the details you need to find work, get paid, and to concentrate on growth all in one place.