Trend reports are a result of residential and commercial permits and mechanics liens collected from local offices. The history is formulated by geographic area and units. This easy analysis tool provides construction market direction and trends.

Trend reports are updated throughout the year to reflect quarterly data.  Updates occur according to the following schedule:

  • Quarter 1 data is available on April 20.
  • Quarter 2 data is available on July 20.
  • Quarter 3 data is available on October 20.
  • Quarter 4 data is available on January 20.

When purchasing a trend report for a particular year you will be eligible for all subsequent updates to the report made throughout the year. A download link will be provided at the time of your purchase. You may the use the link to download updated files at your convenience.

Estimated Construction Values are no longer being used in many permit offices.  So please do not rely on dollar volume only, using permit counts as a comparison (not dollar volume) would be more accurate moving forward.