Building Permits-VA Founder, Lori Reed, realized there was a need and demand for detailed building permit data while working for a statewide commercial bid publication.

In 1993 Lori started a family and launched Building Permits-VA. Lori began researching building permits data starting in local areas, and then expanding into adjoining regions.

After partnering with Kathy Helm, the company expanded to rest of the state, 16 Regions in Virginia and Maryland. To accommodate the growth in the company, the website was created and additional services were added. Data management software was franchised and we began marketing under the name of Building Permits America, LLC.

We currently cover VA (BPVA) and MD (BPMD) and are marketing the franchise software to assist others interested in a starting a company with a focus on permit collection data and services, in open states.

Today, Building Permits-VA continues to provide a wealth of information to anyone in the construction industry and is a Virginia-based company who still maintains strong local roots.